Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

Is your little one the future Picasso or perhaps an aspiring doctor, engineer, or explorer? With the holidays just around the corner, you can't miss that special moment of children opening presents on Christmas morning. As parents, we all know that euphoric feeling of beating the dreaded long lines at the store.

To add to that form of retail therapy, we have uncovered a great list of Christmas gifts that kids of all ages will truly love and thank you for. We've got them all, from imaginative play items to classic throwback toys to those intended for tech lovers. 

So, without further ado, here are the best Christmas gifts for kids that they will play with again and again:


Fairy Set

Treat your little princess with a handmade fairy set built to last. Each set is the perfect addition to your kid's playroom or bedroom. The fairy set comes with a cute wand and a crown fit for royalty. Because the toys are made of sustainable rattan, you can rest assured that the items are safe for all ages. Sturdy and strong, these toys will surely stand the test of time.


Ice and Snow Cone Machine

Do your kids usually make a lot of mess whenever you're in the kitchen? Sure, they want to help when you're preparing some snacks, but they only make your task more difficult. Now you can keep them busy with an ice and snow cone machine. They can make their own shaved ice, slushies, and snow cones that everyone can enjoy.


Crayola Ultimate Light Board

Do you have the next Da Vinci, van Gogh, or Monet in your house? We have the perfect gift for your ambitious little painter. This trace-and-draw board can make their artwork more magical with the lights, bringing drawings to life.


Kindle Paperwhite Kids

If your kids spend too much time on their screens, why not make it worthwhile? The Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is designed especially for kids. It has 8GB capacity and comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids for free. That means thousands of kid-friendly books to read and enjoy for hours!


Juke's Pirate Set

If you're overwhelmed by the abundance of tech toys for kids, we can go back to one of the classics: a pirate set. Your kids will surely spend hours and hours of imaginative and active adventures. The toys include a rattan sword and a pirate hat. All they need is a ship!


Sailors Dollhouse and Furniture Bundle

This bundle is a dream! You have a dollhouse and house furniture for the kid's dolls with just one purchase, letting you save money this holiday season. It's the perfect gift for your little ones who love engaging in imaginative plays. The set comes with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and lounge room. Everything is safe for young kids and biodegradable.



Karaoke Microphone

Kids love to sing, so why not amp the volume and let them grab a karaoke microphone? The world is their stage, or maybe just the entire house for now. With a Bluetooth mic, your kids can go about singing (or wailing) their new favourite tune.


10-Piece Miniland Wooden Doctor's Set

Let your children experience what it's like to be a full-fledged doctor with this complete doctor playset. It has a blood pressure monitor, reflex wooden hammer, thermometers, and a syringe, which you can securely keep in a carry case. Since it is made of wood, it's safe and toxic-free, so kids as young as three can enjoy the set too.


Bow Toy

A bow toy might be a walking nightmare for parents, but kids love them. And if your kids are begging for one, why not give it as a gift? After all, it's Christmas. Pick a bow with super-soft tips, so you never have to worry when they start shooting arrows.


Calming Toy Companion

Who doesn't love a plush toy? Even parents will love this one. With so many calming toys around, you will find exactly what your kid desires. One example is a Purrble, a creature whose heart will start racing when turned on. As the loving owner, your child will stroke and calm it down, which in turn gives a reciprocal effect.


Pop It Fidget Toys

Since calming toys have been trendy for a while now, here’s another that will calm your hyperactive kids down. A pop-it fidget toy is brilliantly simple, but kids love to play with it and even take it wherever they go. The toys are generally safe for 10 months to three years, but they can be for anyone, including adults. There are different varieties, from silicone bubbles of varying sizes and shapes.


Basketball Hoop and Ball

Is your child the next Michael Jordan or LeBron James? This basketball and hoop combo is great for your budding basketball player. Because it is made of rattan, you can install it in the bedroom, along with other rattan gift ideas, and even outdoors, whether for playing or as décor.



Crazy Forts

It's a blanket fort but one that you may have never seen before. Kids sure love to drape sheets over their beds or the couch in the living room, so why not give in to their favourite pastime? You can now find forts that use rods and connectors, which allow you to build very intricate structures. It's a great gift for toddlers aged 5 and up.


Frankie Stroller

Did you just buy a doll for your little one? Why not pair it with this gorgeous stroller? It's carefully and beautifully handcrafted, so your toddler will love pushing it around. And since it is made of rattan, it will last for years, even when it's time for your kid's doll to retire. We also recommend getting a rattan feeding set, which is another excellent addition to your children's toys.


And there you have it! Trendy, entertaining, and fun, these wonderful Christmas gifts will bring the holiday magic to your home.