Children's Bedroom Ideas with Rattan Furniture

Lenny bedside table, The Minnie Co.

A good children's room is an important part of overall living. The room must be a place where they can rest and play, while not having to worry about interruptions from adults. A child should be able to explore their surroundings without feeling restricted by unnecessary activity or noise coming from other parts of the house.

This article will introduce a few children's bedroom ideas with rattan furniture. A careful selection of furniture can create the perfect atmosphere for your child, and give them plenty to do while in the room.


Rattan and Wooden Furniture

The rattan piece of furniture is a combination of two styles. There are wooden legs attached to the chair and a cushioned top that is made from rattan. The table beside the chair is also made from rattan but has a coat of yellow paint applied to it. The chairs are not the only decorative piece in the room; there is also another wooden piece that has been painted yellow and placed on top of one side of the windowsill.


Furniture Made of Rattan in Yellow Color

The pink colour of the rattan chair and the material used to cover it create a completely different atmosphere in the room. The white and green bed is also decorative furniture and helps complete the room. This combination helps encourage children to play peacefully, as well as letting them rest after being active. The wooden shelves placed against the wall are used for storing toys or as a room divider.


Sensible Storage

Storage is a very important part of every room. The children's room must have storage space for toys, clothes, and other items. Children's furniture made of rattan often has several shelves inside the living room for these purposes. Place them strategically to make sure that the room does not become too cluttered, since children have a habit of throwing their toys around, and you don't want them hidden under all the clutter.


Wall Arts in the Children's Room

The wall art of children is intricately designed, and so are the pieces of rattan furniture. The combination of rattan and white makes a fabulous room for decoration, and it can even create an owl theme for any room. The multicolored toys on the shelves bring fresh air to the room while adding colour to the already white palette.


The White Bedding

The white bedding of the rattan chair is very soft and comfortable. It is not too plain, as there are some small flowers and a beautiful pillow on the end. The pillow has a metallic layer that gives it a shiny look but keeps it soft for children to lay on. The table is also covered with white cotton cloth, holding the toys in place and making them easy to store away when they have been finished with.


Yellow and White Background

The combination of yellow and white makes the room bright and sunny. The rattan chair is placed on the white walls, and a delicate sheet of yellow cloth is draped around it. The quilt is decorated with small wooden ornaments on the floor, while the table has a bedside lamp that glows in neon yellow. This makes it even more colorful, apart from adding function to the room.


The Pink and Yellow Bed

One of the most popular colors for children's bedrooms is pink and yellow. This is because these colors create a very happy atmosphere, yet they are not overbearing or irritating to the eye. The bed in this room is an example of this, as the pink mattress contrasts greatly with the yellow blanket and sheets. There are also a few pieces of furniture and toys in greens, pinks, and yellows that make up an overall colorful room.


The White Dresser

The white dresser is contrasted by the colorful bedding on the bed. There are also colorful toys that sit on top of the dresser and a few are placed around the room. The whole room is well-lit with a neon yellow light that is positioned above the bed and covered with a special piece of cloth. This adds to the overall décor, while also creating a well-lit atmosphere for playing at night or for reading before going to sleep.


The Wooden Sitting Area

When it comes to children's bedroom ideas, rattan furniture is not always the only choice. This room uses a large piece of natural wood in an L-shaped form to create a sitting area near the window. The wooden seat has been painted white and decorated with multicolored blankets and pillows. The large window provides plenty of light, and there is also another window on one side of the room that lets in plenty of air and helps ventilate the room.


Beautiful Bunks

The bunk beds in this room are double bed that has been placed on top of two mattresses. The bedding is decorated with a pink and yellow pattern, which is then contrasted by the white quilt. The white furniture creates an overall cheerful atmosphere. There are also brown cushions to place on the top of the bed, which helps children feel comfortable when resting in between playing or reading at night.


The Open Space

Children need plenty of space to play and move freely in their rooms without disturbing anyone else. Rattan furniture is perfect for an open space, as it is usually placed in the corner of the room. This allows children to walk freely around it and play in their style. The sky-blue-colored cushions on one side of the room also contribute to the theme and are a lovely touch to an already attractive room.

These children's bedroom ideas can be a great inspiration for those looking to decorate their child's room. They are not only fun and colorful, but they also provide the children with comfortable furniture to sit and relax on. A child's bedroom is the perfect place for them to unwind after being out and about all day, or for soothing themselves when they have had a rough day at school. If you have young ones, consider introducing rattan furniture into their room so that they can have some great times in it.