Why You Need Rattan Furniture in Your Home


Choosing the right furniture for your home may significantly impact how the room looks, how it functions, and how comfortable it is for you and your family. It's going to be hard to relax in your own house if the furniture is too big, too uncomfortable, or too flashy.

Rattan is a great material to use if you want to update your home's interior by adding new furniture. With so many positive attributes, it's no surprise that rattan furniture is gaining popularity across the globe.

Here are five compelling reasons in favour of bringing rattan pieces into your house ASAP:

1. Stylish Looks

The aesthetic appeal of rattan furniture is a major factor in its widespread acceptance. The timeless, elegant, and ever-fashionable woven rattan texture is an immediate classic that will never go out of style. 

Its design easily elevates any area, as it flawlessly combines rustic charm with contemporary simplicity. Cushions for seating are often included with rattan furniture sets, giving you the option to mix and match upholstery patterns and colours to create a unique set. 

Rattan furniture is available in a wide range of colours, from greys and browns to blacks, allowing you to pick a set that perfectly complements your existing furnishings.

2. Durability

Having to constantly buy a new furniture is a major hassle and financial drain. This is particularly the case if many parts are damaged simultaneously.

Rattan furniture is long-lasting, so you won't have to worry about this happening to you. Waterproof and resistant to the effects of ultraviolet light make rattan an ideal material for outdoor use. The durability of rattan extends to its resistance to breakage. If properly maintained, this material should last for at least a decade.

3. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Although there are many types of furniture, not all of them are adaptive to different conditions. Sofas upholstered in leather look beautiful in living rooms but would not fare well in an outdoor setting. Since leather isn't waterproof, it's not a good choice for use in the great outdoors.

Rattan furniture is a great choice for creating a stylish, unified design in your house. In addition, the material’s adaptability facilitates both indoor and outdoor use, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. While Rattan furniture blends naturally outdoors, it's also ideal for bringing an organic feel to your living room. 

4. Maintenance

Since furniture is costly, it's wise to invest in pieces that need little attention. This is particularly true if you juggle other responsibilities, such as parenting, company ownership, or a regular job.

This gives you another reason to purchase Rattan furniture because of its low maintenance requirements. Ratan furniture is water-resistant and only needs regular cleaning with a cloth. If it becomes dirty, a quick rinse will restore it to its original glory. 

Another positive is that you won't need to maintain its texture using furniture polish, paint thinners, or abrasive creams. 

5. It’s the Green Alternative

It's important to consider the furniture's impact on the environment while shopping for it. Synthetic fibres, a popular choice for upholstery, need a lot of energy to produce and are often derived from fossil fuels. They also take a long time to degrade, further contributing to the existing environmental contamination.

One of the best things you can do for the planet is to furnish your home with rattan furniture. Rattan is woven from regenerative palms native to the rain forests of Asia and Africa. In a nutshell, rattan doesn't lead to the depletion of natural or nonrenewable resources, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

In addition to being environmentally sustainable, rattan furniture doesn't contain or give off any toxic chemicals, even after years of usage. If you have young children, elderly relatives, or pets, you may relax knowing that your furniture is safe for them to use.

Rattan Essentials for Your Home

The Beni Chair

The gorgeous Beni Chair would make a wonderful addition to any living room or other social area. Crafted with the best possible hand weave, you're assured that the Beni Chair is strong enough to last your family years to come. You can also complement the chair's stylish looks with a quirky cushion; anyone who sees this great combo will instantly fall in love with it.

Bronzed Coffee Table

There’s no denying that mid-century and post-modern styles are universally adored. This is owed to their eccentric designs that seem to break free from the contemporary stylings we’re accustomed to. With the Bronzed Coffee Table, you’ll get nothing short of this. The table comprises bronzed tinted glass, which serves as the table top supported by rattan core legs. If you're into peculiar pieces, we don't see why the Bronzed Coffee Table shouldn't be holding your Coffee mug.


The Scribble Mirror

The handmade Scribble Mirror is constructed of a sturdy rattan core and looks great on any wall. With its delicate edges and natural frame, this mirror will undoubtedly make a statement in any setting.

The Lenny Bed Side Table

The Lenny Bedside Table was designed to fit snugly next to your child's bed, providing a convenient surface for reading lamps and other nighttime necessities.


How to Take Care of Your Rattan Furniture 

With proper care, your Rattan pieces could last you a long time. So how can we ensure this?

1. Clean It Regularly

The same may be said for both natural and synthetic rattan. They clean up easily with warm water and a light detergent. Wet damage may occur to natural sets, therefore, it's important to dry them off carefully after washing. In the event of a spill, immediately remove the stain. You may use a worn-out toothbrush to scrub the indentations and nooks. Because of the potential for mould growth, natural rattan needs more upkeep and care than its synthetic counterpart.

2. Protect Rattan from the Weather

Outdoor use is not recommended for natural rattan. You should plan on bringing it back inside the house after you're done using it outdoors. If natural rattan gets damp, it will quickly develop mould. The sun may remove the colour from anything, even if it's dry. Rather than bringing the furniture in and out of storage daily, you could protect it with a furniture cover. 

3. Get a Furniture Cover

A cover will provide extra protection against the elements and everyday use. Covering your furniture will reduce the time spent cleaning after a storm and also protect them from stains.

Considering everything you now know about Rattan furniture, we bet you believe us when we say you need these pieces in your home. Visit our website and browse our catalogue for the best prices on our quality offerings.